Instructive Trail Rides

This Program is Not for Profit: Money paid is considered a donation to this program, that provides shelter, shoes, and feed for the horses.

Helping Hands Instructive Trail Riding

Helping Hands mission is to provide a natural experience that is safe and at the same time learn to become the leader with an equine and partner in this ride. We believe the horse gives Mental Healing and Mobility to those that otherwise would not be able to enjoy nature trails. Horses can be considered the equalizer for someone that can not walk far anymore or have limited or no use to their legs.  He will depend on you to guide him. We, at this time, do not have the volunteers to assist with getting the disabled person up onto the horse, but if you have a person with you that can get you up with use of the Mount block or Mount stairs, we will work with those that have disabilities.  This is All Volunteer based and may develop later on as our board and interest grows. Because of Safety, we only keep children groups in the arena, ex. birthday parties and the deck can be opted for . We want a ratio of 1- (8-10 yr old) to a wrangler to go onto trail, in order to be able to lead rope if needed.

There is a convenience fee of $3 when using card instead of cash.

We appreciate and encourage tips for our wranglers!


Contact us for rides!

Head Wrangler: Allison - 314-807-6206 -
If No response : Wrangler: Nylin Webb - 314-365-8067 - 
Any problems or concerns: Manager: